Our vision
A simple bike with simple dreams
Really, we just want more people on bikes. Joy rides, work commutes, family outings, pizza pickups — we know life is better, for us and the planet, when we do it on a bike. To get there, our big idea was to create a really low-maintenance bike that makes riding not just easy, but a pleasure. No flats, no grease, no weight, no fuss. Just a smooth ride.
Our story
How we grew our Olive
We’re a small team of friends based between Copenhagen and London. Coincidentally we’re also a bunch of bike nerds who agreed there must be a better way to get around the city. A hassle-free, life-long, planet-friendly option to get us from here to there. So we made a better bike. And called it Olive — inspired by the olive tree that is known for its unrelenting durability and longevity, some lasting over a thousand years. While our Olives are not likely to last as long, we did design them to come pretty close.
Designed in Copenhagen handmade in Portugal
It’s absolutely no secret we’re heavily inspired by the simplicity and beauty of Danish design and functionality. Each Olive is made carefully with durable materials and responsibly assembled by hand on the sunnier side of Europe. 
Got a question?

We’re here to help! Slide in our DM or shoot us an email to chat more about Olive. We can answer any questions or advice you need to help you find the right commuter bike.